Nutrition plays a huge role in an animal's overall health. It affects the health of every part of the body, including joints, bones, skin, teeth and gums, the immune system, fertility, internal organs and muscles.

Poor nutrition can lead to problems such as skin allergies, weak bones and joints, arthritis, poor digestion, bad breath, breeding problems, gum disease, pancreatitis, cancers... the list is long.

The best diet mimics the diet a healthy dog or cat would have in the wild: based around raw meat, raw vegetables and raw bones.

Contact me to talk about the role diet and nutrition plays in the overall health of your dog or cat, and to discuss ideas which may help.



Dogs benefit from massage for the same reasons humans do:

• it's great for the muscles

• it improves blood flow and nutrient uptake

• it speeds up the removal of toxins

• it improves the condition of the skin and coat

• it improves overall health

Muscles can be damaged because of arthritis, an accident (e.g. running into something), poor nutrition, skeletal problems or poor posture, etc. If a dog has an injured muscle, he/she may show signs such as limping, lack of willingness to walk or run, pain when touched in certain places, or difficulty standing up or sitting down.

Massage can assist in healing an injured or underperforming muscle. It can also play a preventative role by maximising the health of a muscle, which in turn can help by avoiding some injuries and allowing the muscle to heal well and quickly.

Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy is a unique technique applied to the muscles and fascia, helping them release, lubricate and return to optimum health.

It is a gentle and mindful technique which is beneficial for your cat or dog.

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